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Save time

Reduce the amount of time you spend tracking expenses and profit so you can spend time on other important tasks.

Automate profits calculation

Let SimplyCost calculates your store profit automatically so you can view your profit reports anytime.

Make informed decisions

Know what drives the most profit so you can make informed business decisions.


Automate profit calculation

SimplyCost saves you time by calculating profit of your sales. You can add other expenses in addition to your product cost to track your profit accurately.

Payment gateway processing fees

Add your payment gateways pricing plans and SimplyCost will calculate the gateway processing fee for each order. SimplyCost automatically calculates gateway processing fees for orders processed through Shopify Payments and PayPal. 

Shopify transaction fees

Not using Shopify Payments? Let SimplyCost calculates Shopify transaction fees for each order.

Ad costs

Connect and sync ad spends data from Facebook Ads. SimplyCost automatically perform currency conversions if your Facebook Ads account currency is different from your Shopify store currency. 


Put in your one-off or recurring expenses and SimplyCost will include them in profit calculation.

Valuable reports

You can view profit reports for sales, products, variants, vendors and inventory easily with just a few steps. Knowing when your store is performing well or which products or variants are most profitable can help you make better business decision. 



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